EV Etiquette at Charging Stations


With an ever-growing number of plug-in electric ev’s cars on the market and an expanding network of charging stations, the world is moving in the direction of zero-emission vehicles. But it takes more than just a shift in mindset to make EVs work for everyday driving. As a recent article in Consumer Reports points out, there are still plenty of obstacles—from erratic power to inadequate battery range—to keep some drivers from making the switch to an EV.

There’s a lot to love about the EVs available today: they’re whisper quiet, accelerate quickly, have unparalleled technology features and can often go further between charges than gas-powered cars. Plus, you can qualify for federal tax credits and state and local rebates to help ease the cost.

EV’s: A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Vehicles

But as more drivers make the switch to an EV, it’s important for them to remember a few key points of ev etiquette at public charging stations. Cutting in line at a gas station is rude, and it’s just as bad when done at an EV charger.

When a charging spot opens up, look around before you pull in. There could be a driver waiting to charge who’s been there a while. Unknowingly assuming they’re not going to move won’t end well—it might incite the charging station equivalent of road rage, or worse. It’s also bad etiquette to unplug someone else’s car from the charger without their permission, even if it isn’t completely charged. This is known as “ICEing” (an ICE stands for internal combustion engine). It’s not just inconsiderate, but it’s illegal in some places.

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